Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Clock live wallpapers

Well since I like making clocks so much I decided to come up with  series of 5 clocks in one for a live wallpaper.
This is 5 live wallpapers in 1.
You can hide or show a lot of areas to make it your own plus I added the moon phase and the day of month into also.
I also made a free version of the tech one so everyone can check it out before they buy the pro one with all 5 in it.
The free one is also fully functional. here are some screen shots.






you can get the pro version by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play 

 The free version you can get by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Steampunk Faces Live Wallpaper

I just finished a series of 3 steampunk faces.
 All three have touch events that have three different choices (stars, gears and smoke) You also have the ability to show almost every part of the live wallpaper, so if you only want all of it except the face itself you can do that, and the rule applies to the other parts as well All three come with 3 viewports, for each portrait and landscape modes because what fits on one orientation does not always fit the same on the opposite one, which I found with my own tablet, thus you have the choices for each one to get the best fit.

here is the video


you can download it here

Available on Google Play 

If you have any issues or questions feel free to email me or leave a message here.
All three were created using libgdx framework, my personal favourite and probably all my future android apps will be created using it and I highly encourage anyone wanting to create android games or live wallpapers to try it out, it also does cross platform for html5 (which I'll be using probably for future games as well as android, it also makes jave applications and apple iphone/pad as well plus it has a ton of extras toys you can use as well to make your job easier (had to plug it since I like it so much).
Anyhow hopefully I can make a new steampunk city to replace the old outdated one I have up now, it's just about time to take it down and I am just coming up with ideas to make a new and better one that will work better for newer tablets and phones.
I am also working on a new game which should take me some time since it has a lot of artwork and coding to go into it and I am a one man team for now and have plans for a series of games in which I am going to resurrect an old cartoon character I made in the 80's and never really used it,
These I will keep under wraps until they are close to being released.
I should be able to do some more live wallpapers to replace all the old ones in between though........... hopefully.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Steampunk Motherboard Live Wallpaper

Well I decided to make some new live wallpapers since the old ones were outdated and only ran on java, I am taking the old ones down and have removed most of them already, I am making new ones that use opengl so it isn't so hard on the battery use as it uses the gpu.
I also switched over to use libgdx also now as it is my favourite framework to use for my upcoming projects and used the framework from the book by Mario ("Beginning Android Games") for most of my past work.
So here is the first live wallpaper, as usual I begin things with a steampunk version, this one will replace all the gears live wallpapers I made in the past.
Here is some screen shots:

Here is a video of it in action

Sorry about the video quality I am not the best cameraman.

As you can see I also took advantage of the particle editor for touch effects which can be turned off if you don't want any.
I also gave the option to choose from 3 viewports for each portrait and landscape modes, I found with my tablet what fit in landscape mode did not fit as well in portrait mode so I gave the user to choose what fits best for them in each mode.
The clocks really work also (in case you were wondering)
I have plans for more and I will post them as I make them and upload them to google play.
You can get the paid version by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play 

I also made a free version which only has the viewport options and the gas mask in the center for you to check out and see if it works good on your device and if you like it.
You can get the free version by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play


Monday, 5 January 2015

Cool Cat Toys

I decided to make a game for cats, cats love apps too :)
In this one I decided to add animations to the main menu, so the cat can swat at the dragonfly buzzing by and hit the play button, then on the levels page all the buttons animate so hopefully the cat will swat one (choosing the level he/she wants to play, then play the game itself).
It's super easy to navigate and play, I actually slowed things down so the cat can swat them and added bigger bounds for the hit areas making it easier for the cats.
They get points every time they hit an object, if they beat their last highscore you'll see cool cat appear below the score (found when you press the pause button)

Here is some screen shots

Yup I even added a wack-a-mole game for cats, thought they might like it.

You can grab it here:

Available on Google Play

Monday, 1 December 2014

Steampunk Brick Breaker

Well I finally got finished the brick breaker game and of course made it steampunk style, just can't get away from steampunk

Here is a video of it

and some screenshots

Here is the description

For those who love Steam punk and breakout games.
Three game modes: Campaign, Just Play, Random

Campaign: 240 levels with 3 modes of difficulty to beat
Just Play: 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard) This mode picks random campaign levels to play
Random: 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard) This is totally random, you'll never know what you'll get in this game mode.
This gives you unlimited game play.

The ability to erase campaign levels and start all over again.
Choose an avatar for the high scores

Three board designs, representing the three difficulty modes

Simple Controls:
Drag the paddle from side to side and hit the balls and gears that drop
Make sure you do not let the balls fall below the paddle
If all balls fall below the paddle it is game over
Your final score is multiplied by how many balls you have left, so the more balls you keep bouncing the higher your score will be in the end

There are 3 different balls
There are 5 different color gears, each one does something different
Two animated blocks shoot out lightning or shoot out random plasma balls that destroy bricks

The drag does not work on the android note.

Available on Google Play

Monday, 10 November 2014

Pet Duck

Thought I would share this video taken in 2010
I reuploaded it as I had to rotate it, just a nice break.
This was a duck that followed me into my wifes store so we had to get him over to the park so he wouldn't get run over or any harm to him.
This little guy made me want a pet duck.

Just a little breather inbetween me making games and fond memories when I lived in B.C.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Games Coming

Just to keep everyone updated on whats been going on.....

I put out few quick games earlier but now I am spending more time on new ones to make them better.
The one I am in the middle of making is a tower defense type of game.
I always wanted to try creating one so I'm finally doing it.
I finished one level pretty much as far as the swarms, weapons etc goes but now I am fine tuning it to shrink the code so it will load and move quicker in the refresh rate, (I'm trying to get rid of any lag whatsoever by making the code as small as I possibly can).
Once I have the first level finished it'll be quicker for the rest as it's just a matter of laying out the board's two dimensional array (it puts all the peices together for the board in case your wondering), then creating all the rest of the artwork for the other nine boards (my goal).
This one will have ten boards with ten levels on each one, giving you a grand total of 100 levels to play through.
If folks like it I might add more boards later on, I'll see how it goes.
When the game starts some fighters will be asleep so you have to earn enough money, (by killing the enemy), to wake them up to start fighting, this should make it more challenging as the game goes on as each weapon will have it's own damage to the enemy as each enemy has it's own damage so some will be easier to kill and some will be harder.
I'm keeping the full details of the game secret until it's ready to be published.
The next one I am working on will be more of a button cruncher where you shoot enemies, (I'm still working on the details for this one), plus around 8 or 9 more in the works as well.
Because these ones are alot bigger and alot more artwork and coding is involved these ones will take longer, hopefully you'll enjoy them and it'll be worth the wait :)
Artist and developer for SamsStuff

Just an update on this, I put the tower defence game on hold as I have to narrow the code down more (way to many lines) so I decided to go back to the shooter game (which to m is more fun anyhow in my opinon) but that's just my likes.
I almost got the first level completed for all artwork and codes, the artwork is what is taking me the time on this one (there is a lot of it), the code is pretty much the same except some minor changes for added borads and levels, so hopefully I can get through all the artwork needed for this one and have it up on the market soon for everyone.

I'll post some images of it once closer to completeion.