Monday, 28 March 2016

HTML5 Games on the way

Well time for a change. I decided to try my hand at html5 games and apps. Why the change? well I been debating lately whether or not to try making games in html5 since that is the way things seem to flowing these days. It is quicker and easier to code, although going from java down to javascript is a tiny learning curve on what will not work and what will work. Limit on artwork on android limits what can be done with java where as html5 there really is no limit except slowing things down with to much going on at the same time but it is not limited to 1.6 MB at a time or close to that. I can make it any size I want if web based and make it fullscreen or a certain size with the option to go full screen. Keeping users positions and stats in a database hosted on a site opens more doors. Sockets for multiplayer games for web based games. If so desired it can also be ported to phones and tablets as well The list can go and on and I know there can be a debate about it, which I do not wish to go into. Anyhow this is what I'll be working on for awhile and maybe permanently if all goes as expected. Will I still be making android apps? Yup probably so, this just allows me to branch out in areas I always wanted to go.
 After much research and studying I decided to use phaser (soon to be laser) framework. It just works for me so far.
You can check it out here
I tried a few IDE's including sublime and XDK but decided to choose phaser editor as main IDE for html5 games.
Main reasons It just works, it has eclipse as it's base and it is well put together to work with phaser and work much like libgdx does in some aspects so I'm comfortable with that fact.
You can check out the editor here
Also it is LINUX friendly :) here is an image of the phaser editor


 It should be a fun journey I'll keep you updated as games progress.

Just to give a quick taste of the first html5 game I am working here is a screenshot.

I won't say what this game is going to be until finished but it is one of my wifes favorite style of game.
The artwork will probably take me longer then the coding but I'll add a post once finished and where to play it, this is just the first level screen (not complete obviously) So there is a longggg way to go yet.
For those curious what programs I work in for to create the art it is my two favorite, gimp and krita, krita for the more painting (blue section) gimp for the layouts and less painting areas (framing, vines etc).
I have to re-teach  myself php and mysql for backend stuff before putting it up (I haven't worked in either since my flash/php tech review days in the early 2000's) but it shouldn't take me to long to refresh my old brain and catch up on new stuff that came down the pipeline since php4.

Also I want to try and use phaser and the phaser editor to create some animated mdm themes for linux, not sure if it will work but hopefully it will, I had some issues in the past using canvas with mdm but maybe this will work.
I'll keep you updated on that experiment because if this works there is a great potential to make some amazing login screens for linux and maybe some animated screensavers as well for linux.

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