Saturday, 7 May 2016

Area51 MDM theme made with phaser editor

Well I finally got some time together to make my login theme and try some other stuff with the phaser editor.

I always wanted to make my computer into a whole area 51 theme from login screen on through to everything else including the icons.
I'll get to the rest later but I got the mdm theme completed.
This should show you some more what you can do using the phaser framework for mdm themes and again I'll give you the link to get the editor which has everything built in and is linux friendly.
For those who want to make their own or want to get into html5 gaming, it's a great editor.

Here is the screenshot of it.

It has a gnu and tux in tubes floating around with bubbles to represent gnu/linux

You can download it here:

I also put the tar.gz install file plus all the files on github now which might be easier for you.

Here is a video of it in action

Hope you enjoy it.


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