Saturday, 1 October 2016

Make a Mario-Style Platformer with the Phaser Editor

I been busy plugging away at making some html5 games using the incredible phaser framework as I wrote before about and the incredible Phaser Editor

One thing I love that they just added to the phaser editor is the scene creator which makes life so much easier to create a whole scene with drag and drop and resize abilitlies.

Anyone who has created games before know how much of a headache all the measuring can be, where to place objects (me I use gimp for most of my measuring a scene with, then write down all the x and y placements into  text file editor the paste them over or keep the editor and gimp open at the same time in different workspaces (I use linux of course)
This can be a headache and time consuming.

Well Arian (the developer for the Phaser editor) added a scene maker which gets rid of this headache, just drop the sprites into the scene and change them resize them etc it does it all right inside the editor now.
An extremely useful add on

Here is an image of the scene maker

He wrote an excellent tutorial on how to use this which you can check out here:

If you want to try out the editor you can download it here:

You want to make html5 games then this will make your life a whole lot easier, I been using it for quite a while now and it has saved me hours of coding and texture atlas which is also built in, a totally complete built in game maker.

I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of getting into creating html5 games or anyone who is making them now.

Back to creating my games :)