Monday, 1 December 2014

Steampunk Brick Breaker

Well I finally got finished the brick breaker game and of course made it steampunk style, just can't get away from steampunk

Here is a video of it

and some screenshots

Here is the description

For those who love Steam punk and breakout games.
Three game modes: Campaign, Just Play, Random

Campaign: 240 levels with 3 modes of difficulty to beat
Just Play: 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard) This mode picks random campaign levels to play
Random: 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard) This is totally random, you'll never know what you'll get in this game mode.
This gives you unlimited game play.

The ability to erase campaign levels and start all over again.
Choose an avatar for the high scores

Three board designs, representing the three difficulty modes

Simple Controls:
Drag the paddle from side to side and hit the balls and gears that drop
Make sure you do not let the balls fall below the paddle
If all balls fall below the paddle it is game over
Your final score is multiplied by how many balls you have left, so the more balls you keep bouncing the higher your score will be in the end

There are 3 different balls
There are 5 different color gears, each one does something different
Two animated blocks shoot out lightning or shoot out random plasma balls that destroy bricks

The drag does not work on the android note.

Available on Google Play